Helping Your Church To Love Your Community Better

Our goal is for everyone to experience God’s love through the local church's work in meeting the felt needs of their communities.

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What We Do

NAYBA supports your church on a guided exploration to discover how to love your community better.

Through our three-step journey, NAYBA will enable your church to measure their impact, discern what to do next, and share more love by applying actionable solutions to identified needs.

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How We Do It


Measure Your Impact


The NAYBA Survey is an online questionnaire that captures and measures your church's activity and impact on the community.

This allows you to provide evidence of the value of what your church does in the community, celebrate success, motivate new efforts, and enable external stakeholders to understand who you are and what you do.

You will receive a personalized report about your church’s community footprint and access to alive digital dashboard of your survey findings.


Discern What's Next


The NAYBA Pathway is a five-session review that enables your church to identify, understand and address the needs of your community and all its stakeholders.

This enables you to discern God’s leading for you and your church and gain a greater understanding of your community's unmet needs, which you can then address.

Consequently, you will receive a personalized action plan about how your church can better love your community.


Share More Love


The NAYBA Menu is a hub of tried-and-tested community projects from around the world that can be applied to your community's specific needs.

This provides you with access to inspirational stories, guidance and resources for your church from our worldwide menu of projects that align with your community's needs.

You will have full access to our online resources, models and best practices, which will help your church better meet the needs of your community.

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Each step of the NAYBA Journey costs $200, but if you sign up for all three, you can access these transformative resources for just $400 per local church. 

Fill out the below details and we will email you when the Journey is ready to start in your part of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the journey take?

The Survey takes 20 minutes depending on how many community projects you include; the Pathway takes 60 minutes depending on how you use it with teams and small groups, and the Menu is open-ended. However, we encourage you to walk reflectively on this journey and not
miss any of your church's unique lessons. We suggest a healthy journey should take around three months.

How will the data that I submit be used?

The information you provide will be used to contribute to the national and global dashboard evidencing the church's value and impact in communities around the world. You will have full access to this dashboard, which will also be powerful. Your data will not be shared with any third parties.

Who has use of these resources?

Your entire church can use the NAYBA journey and benefit from the tools. We encourage you to have a point person to input data. However, we encourage you to share your information with your church and community. You can take leadership through the NAYBA Pathway and discern together which of our project menus would most apply to your community.

How long do I have access for?

You have full access for 12 months, after which you will be invited to undertake the journey again to measure the distance travelled and review.

The NAYBA journey has helped take us from where we were to where God wanted us to be. We’ve talked a game about loving our neighbors, now we have a well-resourced, actionable plan to do so.
We have always seen the vision of serving our local community, but we were never able to get where we wanted! NAYBA has shown us our starting point and given us a road map to where we feel God is leading us.
As a Pastor, I have always wanted to engage in the life of my local community. NAYBA has helped me raise and equip men and women in our church who can listen, respond, and serve our community in winsome and helpful ways.
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