about us

NAYBA is a global foundation and family of non-profits and leaders working together towards a shared vision and mission

Our vision is to see neighborhoods and nations transformed by the life and love of Jesus and His church. Our mission is to help churches love their neighbors and transform their neighborhoods.

Start Your Journey
A bowl of food being handed to someone in need

What We Do

NAYBA provides churches with practical help and resources to equip them to better love their neighbors and transform their neighborhoods. 

This is achieved through the NAYBA journey, a simple three-step process that allows churches to assess how they are called to serve their communities by identifying felt needs across the areas of Church, Civic, Commerce, and Community. 

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This process starts with the NAYBA Survey, which captures the activity being delivered by the church and measures its impact on the community.


The NAYBA Pathway is next, building a picture of where need exists within the community and
where the church is best placed to meet those needs.


The NAYBA Menu then provides access to projects and resources that can inspire and equip the
church to meet the identified needs.

How Do I Begin?

The NAYBA Journey starts with the Survey, where we help you to measure your church's activity and impact on the community.

You will receive a personalized report about your church’s community footprint and access to a live digital dashboard of your survey findings.