The NAYBA Pathway

The NAYBA Pathway is a 5-session review enabling your church to identify, understand and address the needs of your community and all its stakeholders. 

Reflect on where you are
Understand where you could go
Create a plan to get there
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What Is The Pathway?

The pathway is delivered through our online learning platform, where you can track progress.

Each session is divided into bite-sized activities, including videos, questionnaires, reflections, and action planning. This allows you to engage with the issues at your own pace and the depth required for you and your church context. 

A lady smiling as she works outdoors

How It Works

The pathway begins with an overview of the process and how this can be used to discern what you should be doing as a church to meet the needs of your community.

We review the results of your survey to capture what you are currently doing and then assess the needs of your community to understand where there are gaps and how you can best respond to these. Through the first four sessions, we explore the Church, Community, Civic and Commerce issues to get a holistic view of your community eco-system.

In session five, we use this information to explore what God is calling us to do within this ecosystem and build a picture of where there is a need that we can respond to.

On completing the Pathway, you must build an action plan that you and your church can use to understand your calling within the community. This will highlight the areas of need you have identified across each community area and match this to current activity, helping you align activity to need and maximize how you use your resources.

Start Your Journey Today
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After The Pathway?

With this action plan, you can progress to The NAYBA Menu to explore tried-and-tested models of work that are meeting identified needs in communities throughout the world.

You will be inspired and equipped to bring these to your own community.