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The recent NAYBA Impact Audit of Tasmania helps express the value of the work of churches and faith groups in serving those in need. The findings offer the chance to celebrate what’s already happening and reflect on why God calls us, individually and collectively, to love our neighbours, the Church, and the places in which we live.

The following resources have been created to help you share the key results of the audit with your congregation and explore some of the related themes.

Sermon Notes Template
Church Sermon Slide Deck

We have also created social media templates for you to easily share the good news of good works in Tasmania. There are images for the Statewide Findings and Two Impact Stories, you can download all these below.

Statewide Findings Images For Download
Impact Story 1: Newstead Baptist - Keeping It Simple Images For Download
Impact Story 2: A Thread Of Dignity Images For Download

If you would like any of the above as Canva templates you can access them here, here and here.


Download a five-question journey to help you discern what Jesus is calling your local church to do to impact the community.

Download PDF
Download Powerpoint


Download this 3-week small group series to delve a little deeper into what the Bible says about loving and serving others, and how this can and should shape our personal faith as well as the ways in which we engage with those around us.

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