Every NAYBA Loved

NAYBA helps church leaders discover community needs and deliver transformational change

People using a food bank organised by churches in New York.
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How We Serve

A Transformation Partner For Your Church


Our goal is for everyone to experience God's love through the work of the local church in meeting the felt needs of their communities.

We are here to support you every step of the way, providing a menu of resources that will equip you to love your nayba.

The NAYBA Journey

Walk With Us

The hope for our neighbourhoods is a fully alive and expressive church, here's what we share with churches interested in coming on the journey with us...
Measure Your Impact
The NAYBA Survey
The survey helps churches clearly define the value of what they already provide in their neighbourhood.
Discern What's Next
The NAYBA Pathway
The pathway helps churches discern what Jesus may be calling them to do next in their neighbourhood.
Share More Love
The NAYBA Menu
The menu provides access to a marketplace of proven, church-led projects that your church can replicate.

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