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Gary Atkins

Most church leaders and members want to see transformation in their communities. At this moment in time, there are many people facing hardship. Whether that’s through war, the effects of Covid-19 and the increasing cost of living as inflation rapidly grows throughout the world.

The Church is called for a time such as this to spread hope and practical help in the image of Jesus. But where do you start?

Such a question is enough to make even the most industrious and enterprising church leader stall. Where do you start transformation? What is your why? How do you discern what Jesus wants you do to in your community?

With so many questions, you may feel so overwhelmed that you simply find putting it off is better than pushing forward.

But attending the free NAYBA Transformation course could be the answer to all your questions on transforming your community.

Free NAYBA Transformation Course

Using a decade of hands-on experience in helping local churches transform their communities, NAYBA can help you with our free Transformation Course.

We will walk you through our eBook, which contains a wealth of information, and takes you step by step through each chapter. When you reach the final of the eight chapters, you will be equipped to make a step of faith to transform your community.

But there’s more to it than that. You also have the chance to set personal goals as the journey will be as transformational as you as it is your church. And once you complete the free Transformation Course, you can join an online community where you can learn from others and swap stories of Jesus at work across the globe.

Sharing ideas

Sharing ideas and learning from others is just one of the reasons why Florida-based pastor Andy Searles enjoyed taking part in the NAYBA Transformational Course.

He says, “One of my favourite components was listening to stories around each principle from different contexts and countries. I was listening and thinking, ‘yes that would work in my community.’

“I think the course and book will help us communicate with the outside world and what we’re doing to make a tangible difference. This will help us define and communicate the tangible differences we make.

“It’s a timely course and book because of the times we’re living in. Speaking from an American context, it seems to me that the Church is at a crossroads. Its members need to figure out who we are, what they are doing and what good do they want to do collectively,”

How to take part

The NAYBA Transformation Course is free and if you would like to enrol, please follow this link.

Want to be part of the transformation?

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