Project Gateway

Project Gateway helps local churches to help people in crisis - providing Care, Education and Empowerment to those in need.

Project Gateway’s first priority when finding communities in crisis is always to care for people’s immediate needs - food, shelter and clothing. Once these needs are addressed they are then equipped to help people to rise out of the poverty trap by providing various programmes which educate and empower them.

In the late 1980’s, during a time of intense political turmoil in Kwazulu Natal in South Africa, pastors from various churches in the Pietermaritzburg area knew that the church could not ignore the situation, and Project Gateway was formed as a response to the immense needs that surrounded them.

Today, thirty years on, they are still equipping and empowering local people through their Care, Education and Empowerment programmes.


To replicate this project your church will need:

  • A community in crisis;
  • A lead volunteer with a passion to serve the vulnerable;
  • Volunteer helpers who can be trained;
  • An equipped and suitable venue within the community;
  • The ability to gather the necessary resources including food, shelter and educational equipment;


Steps to run this project:

  1. Contact the Gateway Project and receive training  tools;
  2. Recruit a lead volunteer and team;
  3. Decide which of the three empowerment programmes to focus on;
  4. Facilitate training of all helpers;
  5. Secure the use of a suitable venue in the local area.
  6. Plan and execute the programme.

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