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Empowered Faith Communities

Empowered Faith Communities helps local churches to build and encourage self-sustaining faith-based communities with those doing life tough.

The Empowered Faith Communities concept centres on community gatherings involving meals with people living in poverty. Being part of a caring, like-minded community is essential for human flourishing.

Utilising community development and discipleship concepts, Empowered Faith Communities offers training and support that maximises the capacity to build strong relationships with those doing life tough. The hope is to see transformation of people within these communities where people can learn to support one another through their hardships along with building a culture of discipleship.


To Replicate this Project your Church will need:
  • a team of volunteers who are committed to forming relationships with others from a different social space to them;
  • a resource for providing meals;
  • volunteers to serve and prepare meals;
  • a suitable space to host a weekly or fortnightly gathering;
  • to attend one or two short orientation and planning meetings with EFC ;


Steps to run this Project:
  1. Confirm a suitable building and space to run the community gatherings;
  2. Consider how to find a resources to provide meals;
  3. Recruit a core group of suitable volunteers to run the programme;
  4. Sign a commitment form for the learning journey with COACH Network;
  5. A calendar is agreed with the COACH Network that details the dates and venues of the workshops;
  6. Churches would need to effectively organise their teams to attend the online workshops;

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“My empowered faith community has enabled me to find purpose and meaning in my life, and most importantly introduced me to Jesus.”

— Sharon, Empowered Faith Community participant

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