Listening Hubs

Listening Hubs help the local church to provide a listening ear service in the heart of the community, providing a safe place for people to come and talk and be listened to by trained volunteers. 

The church develops as a Community Hub, providing a regular space for a range of activities such as a coffee bar, activities for children, wellbeing courses and more. Listening Hub volunteers are trained to be on hand to listen well when they're in conversation with those who need to speak out their worries and cares.


To replicate this project your church will need:
  • An attractive venue easily accessible to the community;
  • A range of appealing activities which will draw the local community to visit;
  • A team of volunteers who are inspired to provide a listening ear;
  • Access to suitable counselling training material;
  • A range of services that people can be referred to for further help;


Steps to run this project:
  1. An unthreatening appealing community event or activity;
  2. A venue accessible and attractive to the local community;
  3. A team of volunteers inspired to be trained to listen well;
  4. A counselling training programme ; 
  5. An advertising strategy that clearly invites the community to come and chat around a range of community needs;

Some of the nicest friendliest people on the planet. They even helped me re-evaluate my faith, in a good way of course. Just the way a church should be and should do. Thank you all!

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