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Mind Your Own Business

The Mind Your Own Business programme helps local churches to reach out to the unemployed in their community who may be interested in starting their own business. It offers practical material that can be helpful to anyone starting a business whether they are believers or not.

The Mind Your Own Business course can be done by people of any faith or no faith. It is something that can be done around a kitchen table with three or four people working through the material themselves, or it can be done in a church building with a group of 20 or so people run by a facilitator and mentors. It’s highly relevant in our post-covid world as, typically, more people are wanting to become self employed, and therefore this model is very timely.  

Founder, Jerry Marshall is an experienced marketing professional and entrepreneur who has set up several successful businesses, social enterprises and “Impact Investments” in the UK and Middle East. He has also supported many businesses and trained entrepreneurs Worldwide.  

He was involved as a Mentor/Coach on the first NAYBA Enterprise course that was run in Northwich between July and September 2021


To replicate this project the church will need:
  • A facilitator with some business knowledge whom is inspired to help other entrepreneurs;
  • The Mind Your Own Business course material downloaded from the website;
  • A suitable venue that is available for the duration of the course’
  • Participants who are keen to run their own business;  
  • An agreed program communicated - start date, number and duration of sessions;


Steps to run this project:
  1. Identify someone with the church who has experience of running a business or is entrepreneurial in nature;
  2. Visit the MYOB website and become acquainted with the course material;
  3. Promote the idea of running the course in the local community;
  4. Recruit people who are wanting to start their own business;
  5. Find a suitable venue and set up a start date and course programme;

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