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Champions Club

The Champions Club is a special needs program that caters to children, teens, and adults with special needs and medical fragility.

It addresses their developmental needs in spiritual, emotional, physical, and creative aspects. Supported by the user-friendly Champions Club Curriculum, the program is both easy to implement and comprehend, ensuring a fun experience for teachers and students alike.

Once the necessary space is prepared and volunteers are trained, the Champions Club becomes an incredible opportunity to assist individuals within our congregations. Moreover, it serves as a valuable tool to reach out to the community, offering activities like respite care date nights for caregivers and engaging holiday programs. By extending its impact beyond the congregation, the program promotes inclusivity and raises awareness about the unique challenges and strengths of individuals with special needs.


To replicate this project your church will need:

  • room(s) for your new special needs ministry. This can be a build-up & tear down space, or dedicated room(s)
  • to make an assessment of the current need, and the predicted need (who will you serve with this ministry?)
  • a person with a heart for special needs to oversee the ministry


Steps to run this project include:

  1. Obtain approval from Senior Leadership
  2. Fill out 'Get Started Form' on the Champions Club website
  3. Schedule a consultation call with our team
  4. If needed, order equipment and curriculum
  5. Recruit and train volunteers
  6. Promote your new ministry in your community

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