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Edify helps equip local churches with counselling and training resources for addressing mental health needs in our communities.

Edify resources covering Self-Care, Community-Care and Pastoral-Care, giving churches practical tools to offer hope to communities struggling with mental health needs.

Established by Madz Deyzel, founder of Grace Counselling, Edify is replicating across South Africa and beyond.


To replicate this project your church will need:

  • Pastoral Counselling Campion
  • Marketing platform for resources awareness for Self-Care & Community Care empowerment
  • Mature Volunteers willing to be trained as a pastoral care with the ability to give an hour a week to serve those hurting
  • A venue for creating pastoral care counselling rooms / pastoral staff offices can be easily converted into after-hours counselling rooms
  • Administration process for maintaining a thriving pastoral-care lay counselling ministry.  


Steps to run this project:

  1. Identity Pastoral Counselling Campion
  2. Investing in self-care resources for  self-investment
  3. Investing in community-care resources for empowerment to serve
  4. Casting a net for identifying pastoral-care team willing to be trained
  5. Investing in pastoral-care resources for training and establishing this care team

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