De Rustplek

De Rustplek (The Resting Place) helps the local church to assist people who find themselves in crisis situations by offering temporary shelter in private homes in the community.

A local church in Amersfoort, Netherlands identified a need in their community for people in crisis to find shelter. A number of host families volunteered to offer a room in their homes for a couple of weeks or months, giving social professionals in the community time to work with those in crisis to find a solution. This is a way for preventing escalating problems in families and to help individuals not to slip into homelessness.


To replicate this project your church will need
  • Individuals and families in crisis
  • A lead volunteer who is a gifted facilitator
  • A system for recruiting host families
  • Host families who are willing to offer a room in their home for temporary shelter
  • Social counselling professionals in the community willing to volunteer their services
  • Pastoral support for the lead volunteers and the people in crisis


Steps to run this project:
  1. Recruit a lead volunteer
  2. Undertake Resting Place training.
  3. Secure the online platform for recruiting host volunteers
  4. Recruit professionals who can assist through counselling and practical care
  5. Recruit those in need through relationships and referrals.
  6. Ongoing friendship and pastoral support for those in crisis;

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