Guernsey Welfare Centre

Guernsey Welfare Centre helps a group of local churches on the island to provide a central venue which offers hospitality and a refuge for those who are in need.

The Welfare Centre is supported by many denominations of churches on the Island including Baptist, Church of England, Methodist, New Frontiers, Catholics and Salvation Army in both practical and prayerful ways.

The Guernsey Welfare Centre houses a number of community services including:

  • A Food Bank which is open five days a week; 
  • Ablution facilities with a shower, and also washing machines for the homeless;
  • Internet access for the unemployed or those looking for somewhere to live;
  • a Community Cafe - a place of hospitality where the vulnerable can enjoy a cup of tea and a friendly chat;
  • offices for a Parent Empowerment Programme;
  • A Linking LIves scheme which helps to link up volunteers with elderly isolated people;


To replicate this project your church will need:
  • An attractive venue easily accessible to the community;
  • A range of appealing services aimed at meeting the unique needs of your local community, possibly including:
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Helping the homeless
  • Assisting the jobless
  • Supporting those with mental health challenges
  • A team of volunteers who are inspired to help and serve;
  • A website and social media pages to assist in communicating with the local community;


Steps to run this project:
  1. A group of local churches united in their quest to help their community;
  2. A venue accessible, practical and attractive to the local community;
  3. Set-up and register a Charity with your local government, which may qualify you to receive a social welfare grant;
  4. Set-up a governance structure including a leadership committee or Board to provide leadership;
  5. Set-up a fund raising committee who can organise lunches, concerts and other fund raising events; 

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