Impact Audits

Penrith & Mt Druitt

NAYBA has developed a tool to measure and report the collective social impact of the Church in local communities – we call it the NAYBA Impact Audit.

The approach, and the data it provides, has helped to bring together churches of all denominations, transform the relationship between churches and civic leadership, and positively shift perceptions about the role and value of the church in society.

NAYBA Australia recently conducted an audit in Western Sydney for the City of Penrith & Mt Druitt (2770) and the results show that the work of churches in the region really is 'good news', especially for those in need.

The final audit report includes the following statistics:

  • Almost $8.5 million in social impact value to the City of Penrith & Mt Druitt 2770 each year
  • Over 140,000 people in need served in the past 12 months – more than half the population of Penrith & Mt Druitt combined
  • 103 community service activities being delivered by churches and Christian organisations, addressing 14 of the greatest social needs in the region

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“I’ve been around footy clubs for almost half my life. I know the success of the great clubs wouldn’t be possible without those working behind the scenes. It’s the same with churches and faith-based organisations. They work hard behind the scenes in our community, doing it out of love for God and a desire for the good of all people.”

David Simmons, Anglican Minister and Penrith Panthers Club Chaplain

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