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mainly Ministries

mainly Ministries provides solutions that help the local church connect with community families who have young children, by providing a place of belonging and engagement.

Imagine your church or missional community being THAT PLACE . A place of care and learning. A place where families love to be known and volunteers love to serve. A place where Jesus is revealed.

mainly Ministries comprises a music session for babies through to children who aren’t yet at school. Plus a session designed around the reading of a book, with lots of learning. Both options are full of rich moments where adults and children participate in activities together, strengthening their experiences of attachment. Both options are followed by a time of eat/play/chat when refreshments are provided for all. Children then play in an unstructured environment and the adults get to chat.

“Families crave engagement. Moments during the week when they can get out of the house and engage in something that is fun for both parent and child. Places where they find enjoyment in each other’s company. Time spent with other families who get what this crazy life is all about with its busy-ness and pressures.” - Jo Hood

Steps to run this project:
  1. Complete an application after speaking to a Solutions Coach at
  2. Visit and interact with an existing solution or two, either physically or online;
  3. Receive the setup pack;
  4. Train the volunteers through the online resources and reading material provided;
  5. Obtain sign off by a Coach and ‘go public’
  6. Continue being resourced, trained and supported by Member Services at mainly Ministries.

To replicate this project the church will need:
  • A clear purpose. Why do you want to connect with families in your community?
  • A perceived need in the community - a place to gather for something meaningful with young children.
  • A supportive church leadership who understand the value of the programme;
  • A willingness to go on a journey into this community engagement space
  • Volunteers eager to be trained and to help facilitate groups;

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