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Project Exodus

Project Exodus helps local churches journey with those caught in addiction through evidence based recovery programmes.

Project Exodus uses innovative and ground-breaking strategies to address issues of substance dependence, pornography addiction, codependency and other compulsive disorders, in resolution-orientated ways.

Global access to outcome-oriented recovery services is at an all-time low and is desperately needed.

Project Exodus has taken on the global, national and biblical mandates to “leave no-one behind.” This is realised by helping, and positioning others to help individuals to walk a path of addiction and associated recovery.


To replicate this project your church will need:
  • A project leader with a heart to set those impacted by addiction free;
  • A church leadership committed to supporting this work;
  • A willingness to drive an ongoing awareness of addiction within the church community;
  • A commitment to grow in understanding addiction, promoting a culture of recovery, and to de-stigmatising conversations around all addictions;
  • To be committed to participating in the Exodus Recovery Skills (ERS) training programme.


Steps to run this project:
  1. Contact Project Exodus (PEx) to indicate interest and discuss next steps.
  2. Attend online/live facilitator training.
  3. Attend live/online groups to grow in understanding of the recovery culture.
  4. Sign the PEx MoU and NDA – a commitment to honour PEx intellectual property.
  5. Receive access to the PEx resources needed to roll out recovery groups.
  6. Participate in the 16-week ERS Facilitator Training Programme.
  7. Launch your recovery group with the support and guidance of the PEx support team.

To find out more visit

Addiction is slavery. Recovery is freedom. And in between is a wilderness which we must journey through in faith.”  

- Project Exodus

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